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Grand Encampment
of Knights Templar
of the U.S.A.

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The road might be long.  The journey might be challenging and full of dangers.  Take a rest, if you must, but never turn back.  Your very next step can be your moment of triumph.  Your very next battle can be your greatest victory.

Keep walking, Sir Knights.

Our Grand Master

Sir Knight David J. Kussman, was born in Houston, Texas, on Easter Sunday morning, April 5, 1953.  He is a retired Police Sergeant from the Anaheim Police Department, completing thirty-four years of service.

Sir Knight David Kussman was married to Lady Kimberly Ann (Schmidt) Kussman from 1988 until per passing in 2015.  They were blessed with three children, two daughters and a son.  His family currently now consists of six grandchildren: three boys and three girls.

His service to the Grand Encampment Knights Templar of the United States of America began in 2012, when Grand Master David Dixon Goodwin, GCT appointed him as the Southwestern Department Commander for the 66th Triennium. Sir Knight Kussman was elected Grand Captain General for the 67th Triennium and decorated with the Knight Grand Cross of the Temple. He was elected Grand Generalissimo for the 68th Triennium. In August 2021, Sir Knight Kussman was elected Deputy Grand Master.


S.K. David Joseph Kussman

M:. E:. Grand Master

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