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Welcome to 69th Triennial Conclave 2024

The biggest event each triennium is the Grand Encampment Conclave. Every three years we hold this gathering to select officers, consider legislation, and to generally celebrate this fantastic organization.


This year the conclave will be in Salt Lake City, Utah, on August 17 through 21 at the Little America Hotel, 500 South Main Street.  When we aren’t in session, this is an easy walking distance to museums, shopping, restaurants and attractions. Salt Lake City is a fantastic venue.  We don’t always meet in a location with such amenities. This event has opportunities to make a real vacation excursion.  You may want to arrive a few days early or stay at the hotel a couple of days after the conclave.  Special extended group rates can be offered to you, depending on availability.


Drill competition will be on Saturday, August 17, and information may be found on the website.


Business will be conducted on Monday and Tuesday, including the introduction of Masonic national and international guests, as well as delegations of all Grand Commanderies, including those outside of the United States.


Registration materials and useful information may be found on this website.


The most important work of Freemasonry happens locally, but we are part of a much greater whole. The excitement and pageantry of a session such as this is a wonderful opportunity to broaden one’s perception, celebrate with Templars from around the world, and participate in the future of our order. 

Don't miss this chance to play an important role.

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